The Best Virtual Experiences to Try — and How to Make the Most of Them

The Best Virtual Experiences

What are your top virtual experiences? So far my top ones have been: virtual dance party, virtual ecstatic dance and virtual meditation. Oh and a concert/poetry event was pretty epic too. Or ‘riding a roller coaster’ with Canada’s Wonderland. I’ve enjoyed being in the group video call on my computer, and a simultaneous one-on-one video call on my phone with a friend or family member I am ‘attending’ with. I’ve also heard about aquariums having live streams, virtual dance classes for all different types of dance, and more. I went to a really fun virtual event where people were doing art while others were grooving to the beats.

How to Maximize Your Virtual Experiences

So you’ve got an awesome virtual experience planned. How do you get prepared and make the most of it? Here are my top tips for maximizing your virtual experiences:

Make Your Own Virtual Experiences

It’s awesome to be able to check out other people’s virtual experiences. But it’s also amazing to think about how you can not just consume experiences, but create them. What cool experiences can you create that might boost other people’s moods? What can your brand offer that might be valuable to other people? It’s a great time to reach out and provide free and/or affordable experiences to people. This post has a lot of great ideas for things you could host:



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Jennifer Turliuk

Jennifer Turliuk

CEO @MakerKids . Author of new book “How to Figure Out What To Do With Your Life (Next)” available now Words @Forbes. Speaker.