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Looking for a New Career? Time to Cast Your Net

Start Journaling

When you have a million thoughts running through your head throughout the day, you need an outlet for them. Starting a journal is the perfect place to put them. It’s not only a great way to organize your thoughts, but research has shown that it also relieves stress and increases self-confidence.

Spend Time Alone

Before you start thinking that spending time alone is going to make you lonely, think again. Spending time alone lets you spend time with your thoughts. Throughout the day we’re often so busy that we don’t even have time to think. So, when we’re alone (that means no TV or phone either), you not only have time to think but also reflect on your thoughts. This little process allows you to get to know yourself better. Isn’t that what we need to do to find a new career?

Unplug from Technology

Let’s face it. Many of us spend too much time on our phones and social media. We not only forget how to connect with other people, but we also forget how to connect with ourselves. As you work to find out who you are to help lead you on a new career path, you need time away from your devices and technology.

Start Meditating

As you begin to spend more time alone and unplug from technology, you can also start to meditate. Think of this as a brain detox. You can let your thoughts go and clear your mind. Many times this type of clarity is what we need to put things into focus.

Strike a Balance

You may have just read that and said how does balance fall into helping me find a new career. Here’s how. If you don’t have balance in your life, you don’t have time to think about your next step or what’s important. Taking time away can help give you perspective.



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