• Robert Suarez

    Robert Suarez

    Design and Innovation @su_labs and @singularityu, past @levelmoney, @IDEO practicing #biomimicry

  • Hillary Predko

    Hillary Predko

    I make things, think about design and feminism, and organize communities. Co-founder of Little Dada. @socialbodylab AiR. Writer for @SupplyframeHW

  • Rock Sfeir

    Rock Sfeir

  • Nathan Parcells

    Nathan Parcells

    Enjoy blogging about startups, rock climbing, and life. Interested in mountains.

  • Laura MacLeod

    Laura MacLeod

    Still not sold on this whole Twitter thing.

  • Krish | ChargeBee

    Krish | ChargeBee

    Entrepreneur; another sleep deprived idiot; cofounder of Chargebee Subscription Billing and Invoicing.

  • NEXT Canada

    NEXT Canada

    At NEXT, we’re on a mission to build a nation of ambitious, lifelong entrepreneurs. We deliver 4 programs: Next 36, NextAI, Next Founders and NextED.

  • Ben Unsworth

    Ben Unsworth

    Co-founder Globacore Interactive Technologies. I'm into art, design, technology, physical computing, pints, and oxford commas.

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